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Smile with teeth

A Brighter Smile With Teeth

You know your smile is important. But do you know just how important it is?

According to a study of profile photos, people who smiled showing their teeth were perceived to be 33% more competent and 22% more influential, compared to people who smiled without showing their teeth.

Smiling is a great way to express confidence, professionalism, and warmth. But what if you’re afraid to smile showing your teeth?

Dental insurance is a valuable investment for not only your mouth but your career. It protects you from the burden of the high costs of dental procedures like crowns or root canals. It keeps your teeth healthy so that you can proudly smile as you close that deal, sign that contract, and kick ass. (You can see what’s available in your area here.)

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  • medium size
  • For aesthetic purposes only. Do NOT eat or sleep while using this product.
  • This product is NOT a partial denture or a “DENTAL DEVICE” and is intended for temporary use only
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  • Our product is the same strength used by Professional Dentists and Health and Beauty Centers Worldwide !
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