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How to earn proven charities 5% of your Amazon spending in commission

Amazon run a program through which organisations can refer people to them and earn commission from anything they buy after following the organisation’s links to the Amazon site. The EA organisation Charity Science participates in this program, and we’ve set up a store selling books! All book purchases go to help the global poor, as our policy is to always regrant any money which isn’t specifically earmarked to cover our operating costs to GiveWell-recommended charities. It’s cost-free to you, as the commission comes out of the price you’d be paying anyway, so we’d encourage you to bookmark this portal or the links to Amazon on it now, and use that bookmark when next shopping!

You also can do your regular shopping through our Amazon portal to yield commission on whatever you buy, even if you don’t want to buy the books we have for sale.

The commission will be around 5%, though it varies by product category. This is substantially better than the AmazonSmile scheme available in the US, which only gives 0.5% of the money you spend to charity. It will go to Charity Science’s accounts on the aforementioned program, the money from which we'll always direct only to GiveWell-recommended charities. For ease of administration and to get tax-deductibility, all commission is currently being sent to the Schistosomiasis Control Initiative. Every $1 in commission leads to a child being cured of parasitic worms.

Happy shopping!

Direct links to Amazon for your bookmarks

If you'd like to shop for charity, bookmark the appropriate link below now:

Share these links and this page with others to get yet more commission for charity earnt.

Methods to use Shop for Charity automatically

Shop for Charity has inspired considerable enthusiasm, with people working to promote it and provide ways to ensure that supporters don't forget that products are available through its store. For example, entirely on their own initiative some people created browser plugins which redirect you to that store whenever you visit Amazon. These and other methods are all indexed by the effective altruist community on the EA Wiki.

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