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Operation Smile charity Review

Operation Smile

Operation Smile Canada Foundation (OSCF) is the Canadian member the global Operation Smile family that began in 1982 in the United States with Operation Smile Inc. (OSI), the founding organization. Through a co-operation agreement, OSI performs program work on behalf of OSCF. OSI performs health-care examinations and surgical procedures around the world to repair facial deformities, especially cleft lips and cleft palates. In addition to these surgeries, OSI provides education and training to medical personnel, provides medical equipment to not-for-profit medical clinics and hospitals in the developing world, conducts research with respect to the causes of cleft lip and cleft palate, and operates over 30 medical care centres around the world. Its vision is to allow all children to live lives of dignity, beginning with a smile.

In 2013, OSI completed over 474k healthcare evaluations and over 21k surgeries across 132 sites in 37 countries.

Financial Review:

In F2013, OSCF's administrative costs were 6% of revenues, while fundraising costs were high at 72% of donations. Other income refers to a grant from OSI. As stated in OSCF's audited financial statements, this funding is to help cover the fundraising costs of OSCF in its initial years as it grows its donor base and becomes self-sufficient. OSCF has funding reserves of $808k, which cover 20% of annual program costs.

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