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Mad Max WarboysThe War Boys cover their faces in chrome as they ride to their deaths.Ever since the release of "Mad Max" mid-May, the film's fan base has grown rapidly and more passionate by the day. It has inspired memes and mashups alike, including one very clever one simply called "Mario Kart: Fury Road."

Now, the phenomenon of "Fury Road" is taking one of the biggest websites in the world by storm.

For those who have seen the movie, you might recall the War Boys, one of the many warring tribes of this post-apocalyptic world and main antagonists to Max (Tom Hardy) and Furiosa (Charlize Theron). In the film, they cover their faces with a chrome spray right before sacrificing their lives for their leader Immortan Joe.Wilson Spray Mad Max Amazon Their deaths are supposed be rewarded with an eternal visit to Valhalla, the heavenly place that is a central aspect of both Norse and War Boy mythology.

Here's what that product looks like:

Here's how the spray looks on one of the War Boys in the film:

The Wilton Silver Color Mist, which could easily be a product used by the boys, has inspired a page that is now covered in "Mad Max" references and jokes.

One of these questions even merited a serious answer:

The madness didn't stop there.

Mad Max Fury Road War BoysNot long after the movie came out, "Fury Road" fans took to the comment section of the product and have essentially taken it over.

Prior to the film's release, the comments were solely about food.

Now you can find reviews like this:

The very first one seemed to pop up on May 20, just five days after "Fury Road" was released, showing how instantly quotable this movie really is.

Some of them contain very specific references to the movie.

And some people used this to somehow give the product negative reviews.

Somebody else might have done Wilton a favor and come up with a new tagline.

The spray paint related references have gone beyond Amazon into real-life situations.

Earlier today, a Home Depot that ran out of silver and chrome paint used "Fury Road" to explain the inconvenience to its customers:

Nobody knows why exactly all the silver paint happened to disappear from that Home Depot, but with San Diego Comic-Con around the corner, maybe we can expect to see some War Boys in tow.

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