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Still smiling Quotes

smile ranch orthodonticsAs we clink our glasses to 2014, a new, better and healthier smile is at the top of many people’s New Year’s Eve resolution list. Whether it’s finally investing in or traditional braces, splurging on some in-office whitening or simply dedicating more time towards oral hygiene, improving your oral health is one of the best ways to boost your confidence as well as improve your overall health. Good oral hygiene is linked to everything from disease prevention to a longer life, while a better smile can help a person with their self-confidence and even lead to more career success.

Need a little motivation to kick that resolution into high gear? Plenty of celebrities and notable people have pointed to smiles when it comes to success and happiness. “Peace begins with a smile, ” Mother Theresa once said—and clearly, she knew a thing or two about living a full life. No matter what caused your smile to make your NYE resolution list, it’s time to get started. Just imagine where you, and your grin, will be in a year.

Words of Wisdom

Thich Nhat Hanh said, “Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.” That’s something anyone who’s had braces or professional whitening can attest to as well. Your smile says a lot about you, and if you’re uncomfortable with yours, it’s never too late to make a change. It’s the first thing people notice about you, and you deserve to have that first thing be a great one.

“What sunshine is to flowers, smiles are to humanity. These are but trifles, to be sure; but scattered along life’s pathway, the good they do is inconceivable.” This gem is courtesy of Joseph Addison, who knew all too well how powerful smiles are. Of course, to pack such a punch, a smile doesn’t have to be perfect—however, for those who are self-conscious about their grin, they go to great lengths to hide it. Remember that smiles just aren’t for you, they’re a gift to everyone else and you should feel comfortable sharing them with abandon.

Smile RanchThe Easiest Resolution of Your Life

It’s much easier to achieve a better smile than it is to resolve to go to the gym every day, lose and sustain the loss of those last 10 pounds, or go swear off soda pop for life. “You’ll find that life is still worthwhile, if you just smile, ” said Charles Chaplin, and that’s a good lesson to remember. The best of things needn’t be difficult to attain.

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