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Quotes for smiling Pictures

a smile is the shortest distancebetween two peopleA smile is the shortest distancebetween two people

Laughter is the right medicine for every single thing. Whether you are sick, tired, depressed, angry or sad, a little laughter can make anything better. If not laugh, you would at least be smiling which is worth it in the end. However, do not keep these quotes to yourself.always smile quotes Spread the smiles by sharing them with the people you care about so that they have something to smile about as well. Your family, friends and colleagues too would need to smile more often if they want to handle their stress and you can make it easier for them by sharing a few good quotes with them. life is too short to be taken seriously and so, we should all laugh at every single opportunity that we get.

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There are quite a lot of reasons why you should share funny quotes with others. This is the kind of thing that would not only make others around you smile, but it would also enhance your own happiness. You and your friends would be able to get away from the agony of your day to day life when you all come together and just laugh and enjoy yourself a little. Whether it is at home, at office or at a party, a little humor can work wonders everywhere. It would release all the stress that we keep bottled up inside and everyone would loosen up a little which is always good.

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demi lovato smile quotes Marilyn Monroe Smile Quotes quotes about smile The Life Quotes smile quotes

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