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Inspirational Smile Quotes

When you look at your life, the Greatest Happinesses are Family HappinessesCategorized as: Best of the Facebook Page, Quote

One of the most popular features on my Facebook page is the daily quotes I create and post. This week’s quotes emphasized the power of laughter, smiles and gratitude, as well as making happiness a mindset. In fact, Wednesday’s quote about making a difference with your smile was by far the most liked and shared quote of the week.

I love finding, creating and sharing these quotes! If I can brighten one person’s day, or give someone a bit of inspiration, I go to bed that night feeling fulfilled. I hope they brighten your day!

SUNDAY: Do you find this to be true? I do!

MONDAY: Uncontrollable laughter: Perhaps the best feeling ever!

TUESDAY: Isn’t that the truth?!

WEDNESDAY: Simple wisdom.

Most People are About as Happy as they make their minds up to be Make people smile whenever you can Gratitude brings beauty into your life Rules for happiness - something to do,  someone to love,  something to hope for

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