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Harvard Science Review

Harvard Science Review

By Brendan Pease “It just seemed like it was impossible, ” said Kathryn Riffenburg, a resident of nearby Chicopee, Massachusetts. “We went from sitting in the hospital day by day, waiting […]

by Jackson Allen If not controlled within sixty days, the United Nations warned recently, the current Ebola outbreak will lead to an unprecedented and unplanned situation (1). Over the past […]

by Caitlin Andrews Each year, on the last day of October, people in Mexico honor their ancestors and deceased loved ones during the holiday of Day of the Dead. Over […]

by Serena Blacklow “I was visited by a mother, Tibangwa Sarah, whose daughter had a severe fever. The malaria rapid diagnostic test was negative, so I wrote her a referral […]

by Eleni Apostolatos Science classes introduce us to the rather abstract concept of energy—a system’s ability to do work. The world’s current energy dependency proves the basis of this physical […]

by Francisco Galdos For centuries, humans have marveled at the ancient myths of chimeras—from Homeric references to half lion-half goat beasts, to Kafka’s frightening tale of the metamorphosis of a […]

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