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Milk and Cookies NYC Menu

Today we are talking about my Momofuku Milk Bar obsession. Milk Bar is an incredible bakery in New York introduced to me last year by my oldest sis!

Last week the best little surprise was delivered to me. Okay so it wasn't really a surprise because there were problems with shipping and my sister had to tell me, but a tin of Momofuku's Milk Bar blueberry and cream cookies arrived for me!

my tin of blueberry and creams!

I think I've mentioned a few times how much I love Milk Bar and their cookies. Anytime Claire comes home from New York she always comes bearing an assortment of Milk Bar cookies. Last time my parents went to NY they brought back the Milk Bar cookbook for me, and then last week Kathleen had cookies shipped to me for a little congrats present!

Milk Bar is the genius idea stirred up by its founder Christina Tosi. She used to work at Momofuku (famous ramen noodle bar) as the pasty chef and would come up with the most unusual but delicious desserts. Her pastries soon become a highlight to the restaurant they decided to let her break off and start her own Momofuku bakery.

Christina Tosi. The mastermind behind Milk Bar.

A year ago when in New York, Claire and her boyfriend couldn't wait to take us Milk Bar. I fell in love. Milk Bar's menu consists of cereal milk ice cream, crack pie, birthday cake truffles, compost cookies and more. Once my parents got me the cookbook I finally took a shot at making my own confetti cookies and blueberry and cream cookies. Tasted pretty close to the real thing let me tell ya!

Crack Pie. The name explains itself. This corn syrup, sugary pie is so good you get addicted to it like crack.

The blueberry and cream cookies are without a doubt my favorite. The combination of flavors is amazing. The recipe isn't like a normal cookie recipe though. First you have to make the milk crumbs which makes up the "cream" part. The crumbs are made from milk powder and melted white chocolate. After 8 minutes of mixing the dough, in goes the dried blueberries. After an hour of the dough being in the fridge, huge ice cream scoop size amounts of dough go into the oven to bake.

Blueberry and Cream cookie tin!

All Milk Bar recipes are like this. Several ingredients and several steps go into recreating Tosi's masterpieces. They are so worth it though.

Confetti cookies. They look like just regular funfetti cookies but I have actually made these and they are so much more!

Anytime I hear someone is traveling to New York I recommend Milk Bar. If you plan to travel to NYC soon you have to make a stop. If you can't make it, you can order almost all their desserts from their website. After I instagrammed my cookies, one of my good friends told me she instantly got on the website and ordered two tins of cookies to be delivered!

I will without a doubt have a Milk Bar cake as my wedding cake.

My plan was to make the Milk bar birthday cake for my birthday, I didn't get around to it but Claire brought my birthday cake truffles home instead!

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