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Could be worse

I saw a doctor about a year ago for botox to help correct a muscle above my eye and by my eye on the left side. I would get a cross-eyed look but this helped it a lot. I went back about a month ago and had the treatment done again and a little in my forehead. A couple days later I started getting some weird sagging lines on my forehead and the 11 looked like jagged edges. I went back and he said it settled but could fix it. When I was there he put a little around my left eye again. Few days later and I was living the results! Exactly 7 days later, I woke up and my left side was slightly different. When I'd try to smile it was noticeably different. My left upper lip wouldn't lift up or over as much and my smile is off looking weird. I called the doctor and went in and he swore that their is no way it's from the Botox. He's done it thousands of times and he promises it's not the botox. All my motor skills are fine and everything else is normal. I'm not sure if my doctor is telling me the truth or maybe the whole truth. Also, would an adverse effect on my smile show up after 7 days? Any advice would be soooo very much appreciated!

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