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Whitening gels work not by ‘bleaching’ the stains off the teeth, but by gently lifting them away. It is the oxygen in the whitening gel that allows for the light frothy bubbles you may see forming on the teeth when you apply the gel. Let these bubbles lift the stain away.


Smiles to Go Gives patients and alternative to pesky whitening strips. The whitening gel pen must be used for at least 10-14 days to be effective. Each time you use the whitening gel pen, the application is very short, thus, repeated use can help get the stain lifted. You can expect a 1-3 shade level change. If you desire a more dramatic change for the shade of your teeth please discuss other options of whitening available at your dental professional.


Smiles to Go helps keep patients’ smiles whiter and brighter after a professional whitening or can be used as a pre-treatment before chairside whitening. Using the Smiles to Go whitening pen on its own for 14 days can give patients a cleaner whiter smile that is easy to use and easy to carry when traveling or for extra confidence before a meeting. And with such a reasonable cost, more patients can experience teeth whitening today!

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