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Smiles Program

Pay It Forward resources are furnished to the teen and dentist, free of charge, and the youth is eligible to apply for additional awards and incentives.

If you (or your practice) are currently providing or have recently provided pro-bono care to youth ages 0-18, please click here to be recognized as a Tomorrow's Smiles Dentist/Practice!

"It was wonderful to teach the kids in my community about taking care of their teeth. I wouldn't want a child to go through what I did."

-Jalja, a Tomorrow's SMILES teen

"Giving back has long been a priority in my family, and through this program I hope the young people served will 'pay it forward'." -Ronald Goldstein, DDS

Tomorrow's SMILES was created with a founding gift from Dr. Goldstein, a highly respected clinician, author and lecturer.

Program Partners

America's ToothFairy Affiliates and caring volunteer dental professionals provide treatment for at-risk youth. We thank the Boys & Girls Clubs of America and the National Association of School Nurses for their support and role as a referral source of children and teens in need.

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