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Amazon School Rewards

Amazon School Rewards

In 2010, Amazon earned $34.2 BILLION in sales. Chances are that you and many of your friends, family and neighbors use Amazon. Your school has an opportunity to piggyback off the success of Amazon through their School Rewards Associates Program.

The process is simple and quick. Just set up an account through the Amazon associates program. After setting up the account, Amazon will send you a unique link that anyone can use to access Post this link to your school website. Send it to friends and family. Encourage people to bookmark it. They still use their own login and personal account to shop. The only difference is that your school code is embedded in the link. This school code lets Amazon know that these customers are being referred by your school site.

If you want to take full advantage of the Amazon associates program, you can enhance your school website by providing links & banners to specific Amazon pages and add widgets for Amazon products. You can also build your own customized aStore. These are all different ways to drive traffic to Amazon from your school website with the net result of generating more revenue back to your school.

Please note that Amazon does not offer this School Rewards Program in California, Colorado, Illinois, North Carolina, or Rhode Island.

How much does the school earn?

Your school will receive up to 15% in referral fees for any purchases that are made on the Amazon site. Referral rates will vary depending on the compensation plan, purchase volume and product categories.

The below chart illustrates how much schools can earn given different scenarios. With good participation, your school can easily earn thousands of dollars in referral fees.

# of Amazon Users Average Monthly Purchases Yearly Earnings for School*
50 $50 $2, 400
100 $4, 800
200 $9, 600
400 $19, 200

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