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Best Smile in the World

Cheryl Cole voted best smile

While preparing for IIT for 2 years, putting all the hard hours in and keeping distance from all the fun activities around, no matter how attractive they felt, you always had at least one more person there in your life, who was there to ensure that you don't feel lonely, sad or left out. That person, whose dreams are sometimes just the right motivation for you despite all the hurdles ahead, was your MOM.

So, finally after all those sleepless nights, the "MOM" speeches, the JEE Advanced Exam, when the computer screen flashes: "You have been allotted Electronics And Communication Branch, IIT Guwahati", with your mom sitting beside you, both smiling and crying at the same time, you see her and feel that, "Gosh, seeing that smile on her face because of me, it was all worth it."

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